Mourinho Responds Goal Disorder Romelu Lukaku

Mourinho Responds Goal Disorder Romelu Lukaku

Jose Mourinho spoke out about the goal drought experienced by Romelu Lukaku lately

It was in the coach’s point after the player failed to score again when Manchester United won 4-2 over Watford, early this morning, and the result itself was recorded scored one goal from 11 his last game.

Previously Mou himself repeatedly provide defense against Lukaku, players who imported Manchester United 75 million pounds, but recently he gave a slightly strange explanation to the media.

“I think he needs a big contract from a shoe manufacturer,” Mourinho told local media.

“Right now, he’s not tied to any brand or company, and that’s why he’s wearing black shoes !. But regardless of the joke, he works really well for the team. I will not blame her for missing an easy chance. He is very professional and I am proud of him. “

Parlor Support Arsenal Defend Sanchez and Ozil

Parlor Support Arsenal Defend Sanchez and Ozil

Arsenal legend Ray Parlor firmly supports the club’s decision and Arsene Wenger is reluctant to release Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil in the January transfer window

The future of the two is unclear at Emirates Stadium, because ahead of the month of December they have not indicated to extend their working period which is also coming to an end.

As a result they are linked to leave in the near future and in Sanchez reportedly a great chance to join Manchester City and Ozil will continue his football career to Manchester United. Interestingly some circles agree they both leave London Red.

But Parlor is now 44 years old make sure to still support management to to maintain it. Because he judged without them, the Gunners will be difficult to penetrate the big four this season.

“I think they are important for the season, to get back into the top four where you need your best players. So what if you replace it ?, “Ray Parlor told the media.

“This year is not the right time to replace players of their caliber. There are not many players out there who can do as well as both of them. Where if on the loose anada will lose all his goals, while Ozil is a creative player.

“It’s a gamble you take where it lets them stay in the middle of a conversation with other clubs but also they see their own career is not mmereka and they want to do it as well as they can.

“I have seen their tubal language because they have not signed a contract and against Spurs I think it is the best performance.

“I know the Spurs and the North London derby and you will expect it, but Ozil can handle it. I do not see this musum so I think his attitude is right.

“You should be able to feel during the training sessions whether the players are certain dro stances [if they want to leave. But I think Sanchez he likes his football / Where he tried to give his best. So the tone should also see the player’s character as well.

“If you have players who disturb other players in the dressing room, you may have to get rid of them in January. But I do not think Sanchez is such a player. “

Klopp Respond Rumor Daniel Sturridge

Klopp Respond Rumor Daniel Sturridge

Liverpool tactician Jurgen Klopp insists the club still needs Daniel Sturridge on the front lines as a goal machine

The 28-year-old striker has been linked with a move to the January transfer window for lack of playing in the Reds squad. Even if not playing regularly then his career with the England team will be completed.

With that note Sturridge reportedly want to leave Merseyside. But the coach gives a strong signal but will use his services and he understands the player complained about it.

“Currently we need all our players, so have November and even if he feels a little different, there’s a month and a half to get to the transfer market and I do not think for a second think about that,” Jurgen Klopp told the media.

“We have a lot of games and we need everything and that’s what we show them.”

Prediction Basel vs Manchester United – 23 November 2017

Match Information: Basel vs Manchester United Prediction:

Prediction Basel vs Manchester United
Manchester United can secure their position as Group A champions this fifth week and make it easier for them to go to next round against Basel

Jose Mourinho’s team will qualify as group winners despite bringing home a draw. Their move can also be ensured before the kick-off should CSKA Moscow not win at home against SL Benfica.

Basel have collected 6 points, the same as those collected by CSKA, and will probably qualify if they win and the Russian team loses as a result of a better head-to-head record.

Factual Data Basel vs Manchester United:

– Basel and Manchester United first met in the second group stage, which United won in the first leg in Switzerland.

– Before conquering SL Benfica 5-0 in the second game, Raphael Wicky’s team has not scored a win in 9 matches in Europe since the successful defeat of AS Saint-Etienne on 25 February 2016.

– Basel was forced out of the European scene last season after losing to Arsenal 4-1 on 6 December. It is important that they have lost just 6 of their 24 European appearances at home in their home turf since 2013/2014.

– Getting poor results at home and away in Arsenal’s hands, the Swiss side also have to swallow defeats against the English club, having never been undefeated in their previous four matches.

– Basel enters this phase thanks to the Swiss League championship 8 times in a row in the 2016/2017 season.

– His participation this season is the 8th time, and the fourth time in the last five seasons. Last season they finished fourth in Group A, collecting just 2 points from 6 matches.

– Manchester United just 5 times against this Swiss giant team.

– United have won 4 games in Group A, where they won 4-1 from CSKA Moscow before the successful conquest of Benfica with the score 1-0.

– This is the 21st season for United in terms of participation in the Champions League, and only 4 times they did not step into the next round.

– Taulant Xhaka can not perform in this match after receiving a penalty in the fifth week, while Eder Balanta still have 1 more penalty.

– Basel ended his 3rd victory drought, as much as 3, on Saturday despite having to stumble in the second half in a 5-1 win over FC Sion.

– Geoffroy Serey Die has a knee injury while on international duty with Ivory Coast and will certainly not defend his country in a World Cup qualifier against Morocco on 11 November.

– Jese Lingard also seems not to appear in the game this time, because he still live 1 penalty not to appear.

– Jose Mourinho’s team is able to record 12 clean sheet results from 18 matches held by them in all competitions.

– Romelu Lukaku bagged 11 goals in his first 10 games with The Red Devils this season but he was unable to score in 7 games before his team conquered Newcastla United 4-1.

– Paul Pogba also featured for the first time after a natural hamstring injury in the first leg against Basel.

– The Manchester giant is able to print 4 goals in 1 game for 7 matches this season.

– Wicky just met on one occasion facing Jose Mourinho’s side, where he brought home defeat.

– Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho has beaten Basel for 3 occasions, with 1 win and 2 defeats.

Abramovic Ready To Bring Sandro For The Conte

Abramovic Ready To Bring Sandro For The Conte

Chelsea have yet to cancel their plans to sign Juventus defender Alex Sandro.

In the absence of a contract extension with Old Lady, Chelsea chairman Roman Abrahamovic believes Sandro can still be tempted to try out a career in the Premier League football scene in the January transfer window.

Despite a tough time, Antonio Conte is still getting full support from the council because of the many players who were injured, according to local sports media.

Abramovic as the club’s owner is likely to be willing to give support to Conte by giving money to revive their interest in Juventus left-back Alex Sandro.

On the other hand Juventus are also allegedly still reluctant to part with 26-year-old Brazilian squad, where he was brought in by Serie A champions from Porto in 2015 with a dowry of 26 million Euros for a five-year contract.