Mourinho Responds Goal Disorder Romelu Lukaku

Mourinho Responds Goal Disorder Romelu Lukaku

Jose Mourinho spoke out about the goal drought experienced by Romelu Lukaku lately

It was in the coach’s point after the player failed to score again when Manchester United won 4-2 over Watford, early this morning, and the result itself was recorded scored one goal from 11 his last game.

Previously Mou himself repeatedly provide defense against Lukaku, players who imported Manchester United 75 million pounds, but recently he gave a slightly strange explanation to the media.

“I think he needs a big contract from a shoe manufacturer,” Mourinho told local media.

“Right now, he’s not tied to any brand or company, and that’s why he’s wearing black shoes !. But regardless of the joke, he works really well for the team. I will not blame her for missing an easy chance. He is very professional and I am proud of him. “

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