Parlor Support Arsenal Defend Sanchez and Ozil

Parlor Support Arsenal Defend Sanchez and Ozil

Arsenal legend Ray Parlor firmly supports the club’s decision and Arsene Wenger is reluctant to release Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil in the January transfer window

The future of the two is unclear at Emirates Stadium, because ahead of the month of December they have not indicated to extend their working period which is also coming to an end.

As a result they are linked to leave in the near future and in Sanchez reportedly a great chance to join Manchester City and Ozil will continue his football career to Manchester United. Interestingly some circles agree they both leave London Red.

But Parlor is now 44 years old make sure to still support management to to maintain it. Because he judged without them, the Gunners will be difficult to penetrate the big four this season.

“I think they are important for the season, to get back into the top four where you need your best players. So what if you replace it ?, “Ray Parlor told the media.

“This year is not the right time to replace players of their caliber. There are not many players out there who can do as well as both of them. Where if on the loose anada will lose all his goals, while Ozil is a creative player.

“It’s a gamble you take where it lets them stay in the middle of a conversation with other clubs but also they see their own career is not mmereka and they want to do it as well as they can.

“I have seen their tubal language because they have not signed a contract and against Spurs I think it is the best performance.

“I know the Spurs and the North London derby and you will expect it, but Ozil can handle it. I do not see this musum so I think his attitude is right.

“You should be able to feel during the training sessions whether the players are certain dro stances [if they want to leave. But I think Sanchez he likes his football / Where he tried to give his best. So the tone should also see the player’s character as well.

“If you have players who disturb other players in the dressing room, you may have to get rid of them in January. But I do not think Sanchez is such a player. “

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